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NP Tracker Project Wiki Pages

The NP Tracker project, provided and maintained by NPS, is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art software to assist our communities. We have developed the largest and subscription-free network of real-time intelligence, primarily focused on vehicle crime in South Africa. Our tools and resources have been made available to the public domain for community use.

The purpose of these wiki pages is to help members understand the NP Tracker projects and guide them in building larger and more advanced networks to combat crime in South Africa and beyond.


We strive to provide user manuals and operation guides for our projects, but we rely on community support and contributions to make them comprehensive. We encourage you to consider contributing to the content.


Over the years, we have developed numerous applications and systems to aid our crime-fighting partners. Here are some of our notable works:

What are these BOTS we talk about

A social media bot used for lookups is a software application designed to automate the retrieval of information from the NP Tracker vehicle suspect and suspicious system within a social media platform. These bots are programmed to conduct searches or lookups based on user input, such as vehicle number plates or specific keywords, and deliver relevant results or data. By automating the lookup process, these bots enhance efficiency and save time for users who need rapid access to specific information.

These wiki pages aim to provide comprehensive information and resources related to our projects. Feel free to explore and utilize the knowledge available to enhance your crime-fighting efforts.