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Our NPS Cloud lookup and control BOT on telegram available free of charge to the crime-fighting community in South Africa and bordering countries.
This is the primary BOT used to send NPS-CLOUD alert/notifications on if a scanned/detected vehicle triggers an alert on the NPS Cloud account (hotlist).


Telegram @NPSCloudBOT

Enquire plates

  • Find the bot @NPSCloudBOT (Goto Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)
  • Send the vehicle registration to check as:
    • To test a numberplate send /lookup ABC123GP to the bot
    • By using a question mark (?) within a search criteria, you can indicate to the system that you will accept in your search results any individual(s) character in the place of the question mark.


The bot will test the vehicle registration number against:

  • The national suspect and suspicious NP Tracker database
  • The NPS-VCR vehicle database (providing make, model and colour info)
  • Linked NPS-CLOUD accounts private hotlists.

and show a Vehicle Lookout report if the plate is registered in the system.

Link BOT to NPS CLOUD account

  • Login to you www.npscloud.za account
  • Goto Notifications -> Group/User management (On menu)
  • Copy the Auth string from the textbox
  • Paste this string to the BOT directly or on a group that you want to link to your NPS-CLOUD account
  • Autorize the user/group by selecting them on your NPS-CLOUD control page (Notifications -> Group/User management) click on Edit and change status to Approve.



This is a communication test command the bot will reply with a pong if it receives this command.


Usage /removeplate ABC123GP - it will remove lookout report for the specific vehicle registration number IF the report was send on the specific group the command was sent on OR the user that send the lookout report send the command to the bot.


Bot will display commands available through the bot for advanced help related to a command send /help command


Usage /mute ABC123GP.
This will place the registration number in the users mute list and will not send a notification if the vehicle are detected or tested by the user.
To viev users mute list www.npscloud.co.za and then goto Notification -> Mute list.


Usage /unmute ABC123GP.
This will unmute the plate and notifications will again be enabled for this plate.
To viev users mute list www.npscloud.co.za and then goto Notification -> Mute list.


To inquire an SADC vehicle registration number send /lookup ABC123GP


Manual request to verify data on an NPS-VCR report if suspecting that the info is wrong.