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Vehicle Check Report
Vehicle Check Report

What is the NPS-VCR project?

The NPS-VCR (Vehicle Check Report) project is a reverse lookup initiative that is part of the NP Tracker family of products. It was developed in response to the requests of NP Tracker users who wanted a way to confirm vehicle information even if there was no active lookout report for a specific vehicle.

The purpose of the NPS-VCR project is to provide users with the ability to verify whether a vehicle's license plate or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is linked to accurate information regarding the vehicle's make, model, color, and even VIN or engine number. Initially, we reached out to the authorities for assistance in obtaining this information, but unfortunately, they were unable to provide the support we needed.

Undeterred, we continued with the project, driven by our commitment to finding solutions. Following a similar approach to the development of NP Tracker, we created a public domain lookup database specifically for suspect and suspicious vehicles. This database allows for reverse lookup checks based on vehicle registration numbers or VINs, providing users with valuable vehicle data such as the make, model, and more.

The NPS-VCR project aims to empower communities by providing them with the means to verify vehicle information and enhance their awareness of suspect and suspicious vehicles. It serves as a valuable resource within the NP Tracker ecosystem, complementing the existing features and contributing to community safety efforts.

What to do if the info displayed on the NPS-VCR is incorrect?

I want to bring to your attention a unique aspect of vehicle registration numbers in certain South African provinces, like the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. These provinces practice the reuse of previously registered numbers, which may result in unexpected outcomes when generating the NPS-VCR (Vehicle Check report) through the NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle reporting system.

To help the NP Tracker team address this situation effectively, you have the opportunity to contribute by scanning the vehicle license disk using our dedicated scanner applications or by sending a clear photo of the license disk to our bot at NP Tracker on Telegram. By doing so, you will assist in updating the records and ensuring accurate reporting during subsequent vehicle lookups.

It's important to note that this particular discrepancy in vehicle registration numbers does not have any impact on the reliability or precision of the other reports generated by the NP Tracker system. This circumstance is specific to the NPS-VCR report and does not affect the overall performance of the system. You can rest assured that the remaining reports provided by NP Tracker continue to deliver valuable information based on the contributions of community members.

Thank you for your understanding and for actively participating in enhancing the accuracy of vehicle reporting within the NP Tracker system. Your involvement plays a significant role in maintaining the system's effectiveness and reliability.

While we shall endeavour to ensure that all material published is accurate, we give no warranties as to the accuracy of the information.


The VCR report will enquire third-party sources and previously scanned records and show results if it is found.

Vehicle image

Showing an image of the vehicle.


Vehicle registration number linked to the report.


Vehicle make.


Vehicle model.


Description of the vehicle.


Vehicle colour.


Vehicle VIN number linked to the report - Identifiable portions of the VIN have been removed due to security concerns.


Vehicle engine number linked to the report - Identifiable portions of the number have been removed due to security concerns.