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Projects developed and maintained by NPS but we need community buy-in to ensure our data we provide is real-time and correct.
NP Tracker started off to help the local community to store suspect vehicles and evolve from the local spreadsheet approach, we soon realized that a central database was needed between our communities and groups.
Today we scan and monitor all major crime-fighting initiatives and groups in and around South Africa for suspect and suspicious vehicle lookouts.
Contact us if you can contribute to this project - not all contributions need be money.

To assist our development team to provide state-of-the-art software to communities, dominantly free please help them by donating to the project to keep it alive and funded.
NP Tracker projects include but are not limited to the following sub projects:

Datasheet100 NP Tracker

NP Tracker

Suspect vehicle database covering South Africa and bordering countries.
See the homepage at


A project aimed at sharing intel on individuals based on messages added by users and only unlocked by the same subjects facial parameters see the homepage at


NPS-Cloud is for managing and controlling:

  • Visitor management
  • ANPR cameras
  • Vehicle hotlists
  • Automatic notification for suspect vehicles
  • Vehicle and visitor reports

See the homepage at


See the homepage at


freeMIRROR is a social media management platform to manage and control social media and groups.
See the homepage at

RSA Parking

See the homepage at

Animal stock identification

See the homepage at (Afrikaans) OR (English)