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Visitor Identity and Security

Visitor identity plays a crucial role in ensuring effective security within an estate or complex. NPS-ACCES is an Android scanner designed for easy Driver's License and Motor vehicle barcode scanning, specifically for Access and Gate Control purposes.

Cloud-Based Visitor Management Solution

NPS-CLOUD is a cloud-based visitor management solution suitable for enterprises of all sizes. Its key features include visitor registration, instant pictures, vehicle scanning, instant notifications, and comprehensive reporting. With NPS-CLOUD, managing visitor information becomes effortless, and employees gain access to the necessary information, ensuring a smooth and seamless visitor management process.

Data Security and Insights

With NPS-CLOUD, your data is secure. It is backed up daily across multiple servers, ensuring accessibility even in the event of hardware issues. The platform allows you to collect data, spot trends, and generate reports to gather valuable feedback from visitors. This information can be used to enhance the overall visitor experience.

NPS-Cloud is ideal for managing and controlling various aspects:

  • Visitor management
  • ANPR/LPR cameras
  • Vehicle hotlists
  • Automatic notification for suspect vehicles
  • Vehicle and visitor reports

For more details, please visit

Swap Your Paper Logbook for a Smart Visitor Management Solution


To use the system, each user must complete the registration process. The online registration form can be accessed here. The form requires the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

Please note that only one user can be registered per email address, and usernames should not exceed 16 characters. The form provides options to display the filled-in password if required or to generate a password for the user. It also includes a password strength test, recommending a minimum strength level of "Good."

After registration, a confirmation email containing a verification link will be sent to the provided email address. Clicking on the link verifies your email and activates your account.

Logging In

Once the registration process is complete, users can log in and start using the system. The login form for can be accessed here. You can also use your credentials to log into this site.

Cost and Pricing

Our system is designed to minimize running costs for our clients. You are not charged per device, and there is no additional fee for linking an unlimited number of scanners to your NPS-CLOUD account.

Our pricing model consists of two components: "Pay as you go" and "Data storage." Payments are facilitated through our PayFast payment gateway provider.

Pay as you go

You can select a package that suits your needs, with options ranging from 300 to 1 million credits loaded to your account per month. These credits enable your linked scanners to perform scans and display the content to the operator. To determine the most suitable package based on estimated scan numbers and types, we offer an online package selector.

Data storage

To optimize costs, you have the option not to store scanned records in your NPS-CLOUD account. Alternatively, we offer the following subscription options for data storage:

  • 30 days - R49
  • 90 days - R149
  • 180 days - R269

For a complete list of functions enabled by the above subscriptions, please refer to the "Subscriptions" tab under "Account" -> "Settings" in your NPS-CLOUD account.

Using the Website

Utilize the cloud-based platform to track and manage visitor movement quickly and securely. In case of emergencies, easily access information on who is present in the building.


The dashboard, accessible on the website, provides real-time updates by linking to a constantly updated database.

NPS-CLOUD - Dashboard


The search function will search the NP Tracker dataset for lookouts containing either the registration number provided or the latest lookouts for a specific vehicle like "toyota corolla red"

Overview KPI's

Parameters that are applicable to the user and account.


When scanned with an NPS scanner it will link the scanner to the user's account - No limit of scanners linked to an account.

Recent plates

Show the last plates either scanned with the NPS Scanners linked to the account OR the plates submitted through [[NPS-ANPR].


Shows a list of vehicles that were flagged by the system, notifications can be sent in real-time to a user or group see Notification -> Group/User Management.


Online chat with our support staff.

ANPR Feeds


List of ANPR feeds linked to the user's account.
Users can share ANPR feeds between them enabling a network of users to work together, the detected plate will be tested on its own at each linked and notifications sends as per the users' preference this include being tested against the users own hotlist.
To generate a NEW ANPR feed token click the Add button.
Goto Share to get help on sharing your feed with other users.


A [hotlist] is a list of vehicle registration numbers that was flag by the system and has a vehicle lookout report linked to it.


Users can upload their own spreadsheets with vehicle hotlist data to the NPS-CLOUD servers either placing it on the public NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle dataset OR privately on there own private hotlist only accessible by authorized users.


List of incidents picked up either on the supported bots linked to the users account ie. @freeMIRRORBOT or user submissions through there own spreadsheets.

User management

To enable users to do lookups on your private hotlist the system needs to first authorize them and then you have to grant them access to your hotlist.
To grant or retract users rights, select the user in the list and click on Edit change the Status and click on Save Changes.


The NPS-CLOUD system will send approved users a Telegram notification through our BOT if a vehicle registration detected through the API or ANPR feed is listed on the NP Tracker or Private hotlist datasets.

Group/User management

NPS-CLOUD - Telegram to notification link

To receive notifications on Telegram of plates that are detected and a lookout is available link your Telegram account to your NPS-CLOUD account.

Mute list

Notifications related to these registration numbers will NOT be sent to the user.


Reports are generated and can be downloaded in CSV format (limited to user subscription status) for scans done through our scanning application.

License disk scan(s)

Shows a list of all vehicle licence disks barcode scanned from each linked scanner application.

Driver/ID card scan(s)

Shows a list of all driver licence barcode scanned from each linked scanner application.