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WE DO NOT PROVIDE ACCESS to the Vehicle circulation system.

The MCD to TOPC Website/Telegram BOT, designed and built by Number Plate Systems, offers a sophisticated enhancement for existing MCD users, enabling them to conduct vehicle inquiries directly through their Telegram app or web browser on their phone. This integration allows the platform to use the user's MCD credentials for logging into the system, ensuring a seamless link between MCD services and the platform.

A key feature of this tool is its capability to assign specific permissions to designated testers. Users can configure the platform to grant these testers controlled access to perform vehicle tests. This setup is handled securely through the platform, which serves as an intermediary, safeguarding the main user's MCD account credentials.

Moreover, the information that testers can access is highly customizable. Users have the control to set parameters around the information visible to testers, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected while providing the necessary details for effective vehicle assessments.

It's important to note that the system was designed and built by Number Plate Systems and operates independently of official state or police systems. It is not sanctioned by the South African Police Service (SAPS), which means it functions solely under the management of Number Plate Systems without any direct oversight or endorsement from SAPS.

This independent operation not only secures the integrity and confidentiality of the user's MCD credentials but also enhances operational efficiency. Testers are empowered to conduct their tasks without needing direct access to the main user's workflow or compromising account security. As such, the MCD to TOPC platform by Number Plate Systems significantly extends the capabilities of MCD users, facilitating more accessible and controlled vehicle testing through the convenient and user-friendly platform environment.

If you're an existing MCD user looking to set up and test the platform, please contact us at [email protected].

TOPC-MCD Platform interface

TOPC-MCD admin page

The TOPC-MCD platform administrator webpage is provided to manage and control what users are allowed to test and see.


Show statistics on users and test done by users


Account setup and credentials setup page.


The account administrator is provided with a Telegram BOT his/her users can use to do lookups on.


Show all users that are allowed to test with the Telegram BOT

Message formatter

The administrator can setup what info is displayed per user/group.



Show all users that are allowed to test through the web interface


Page to view all user enquiries

User Interface on Telegram BOT

Users get granted privileges by the system administrator to view reports. Once a user starts communicating with the BOT on Telegram, the system administrator receives a new user message on the monitor group.

System Administrator Commands

These commands are ONLY available to system administrators.


Retrieves and displays the list of all ongoing chats or interactions the BOT is currently handling. This allows administrators to monitor active conversations and user activity.


Manages user permissions and clearance levels. This command is used to grant or revoke user access to certain features or reports within the BOT.


Activates or enables specific functionalities or services within the BOT. Administrators use this command to turn on features that might be temporarily disabled.


Displays the administrator pages, specifically the TOPC-MCD Platform interface. This interface provides system administrators with tools and options to manage the platform more effectively.


Allows administrators to change the password used to log in to the third-party platform. This ensures secure access and can be used to update credentials regularly.


Checks and reports the current status of the BOT and its services.


Enables administrators to change the username used to log in to the third-party platform. This can be useful for maintaining security or updating user credentials.


Provides detailed information about a specific user, such as their Telegram ID, registration details, and activity logs. This helps administrators verify user identities and monitor their actions.

User Commands


Performs a vehicle registration check on the third-party platform if approved. This command is used by users to verify the registration status of a vehicle, but only if they have the necessary permissions.


Displays the help menu, which documents all commands available to the user. This is the go-to command for users who need assistance with the BOT's functionalities.


Tests the communication between the BOT and the user. When the user sends this command, the BOT responds with Pong to confirm that it is active and responsive.


Shows the user's Telegram ID. This ID is essential for system administrators to grant users access to the system and manage permissions.


Grants the user access to the NPS-LAW reports when testing vehicle registration numbers on the NP Tracker platform. This command is used to authenticate users for accessing sensitive reports.


Removes vehicle lookouts posted by the user on the NP Tracker platform. This command allows users to manage and delete their previously submitted vehicle lookout entries.

Additional Functionality

  • When a user starts communicating with the BOT on Telegram, the system administrator receives a new user message in the monitor group. This feature ensures that administrators are immediately aware of new user interactions and can take necessary actions to manage user activity.
  • When a user tests a registration the system administrator will receive a notification on the monitor group.

User Interface through webpage

The system administrator can create a web enquiry user and grant him/her access to view certain info, the user can then be provided with a web link that he can use to do lookups on.