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Datasheet SP-1 Group Joiner. Telegram group joiner based on user location

Secure group invite links based on users location per organisation.
Bot used to send users group and invite links, groups allocated to the area based on the location the user provide for a specific freemirror group/account manager.
This is linked to a user/organization Freemirror web account key or organisation ID.

Account linking

Organisation ID

Each account on freemirror gets allocated a unique account ID this ID is called the 'organisation ID number.
The organisation ID can be found in your www.freemirror.co.za control page Telegram -> Verify/Join BOT send your users this ID number.

Organisation @groupJoinerBOT invite link

An BOT invite link to send to your users can be found in your www.freemirror.co.za control page Telegram -> Verify/Join BOT tab Info.


You will need a valid organisation invite link 'OR organisation ID to use the @GroupJoinerBOT on telegram.


Follow the Organisation BOT invite link provided by your group administrators.

  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)
    • Send your device location by clicking on the [SHARE MY LOCATION] button.

If no Organisation ID is linked to a user he/she can send the organisation ID directly to the BOT, this will update the users default selected organisation and all sequential locations send to the BOT will be checked against the new organisation group lists.



Bot will display commands available through the bot for advanced help related to a command send /help command


This is a communication test command the bot will reply with a pong if it recieves this command.


Generates a message the user can share (Copy / Paste) to other users with a embedded organisation @GroupJoinerBOT invite link.