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Special lookup bot created for groups of users to enable the account manager to approve and remove the standard delay on NP Tracker reports for his managed members.


This is a special type of bot where the account manager can manage his users, these users will then be enabled to receive NP Tracker reports without the standard delay if they opt not to donate to the NP Tracker system.


This bot is to enable a user to manage sub-users and enable a delay-free delivery of the NP Tracker reports for his approved users, unapproved users will still receive the delay reports if they do a lookup through the bot.


Contact us at [email protected] to create and link a special bot on telegram for you.


The cost to host and manage groups of 50 users at R550 per month.



See @NPTrackerBOT for normal BOT usage and commands.


On BOT creation the administrator of the BOT will be added to a control group by us. This control group will be used to monitor and approve or delete users linked to his/her account plus show if a new user starts communicating with the BOT.
Each time a users tests a plate via the BOT the system will send a notification to the control group of who tested what plate on what group.



Shows a list of all the users currently linked to the users account.


Link and approve the user to his/her account to enable delay-free lookups for the user. The user will receive a notification from the BOT informing him/her that they are approved and can do delay-free lookups on the NP Tracker system via Telegram.


Remove the specific user from the account. The user will receive a notification from the BOT informing them that they were removed from the account. The user will still be able to lookup through the BOT but will receive delays if applicable.