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We at NP Tracker had to make a difficult decision to put in place a delay on Telegram for certain reports to encourage users to donate and keep the system funded.

Although freeware is free, the operations still depend on users to make a financial contribution/donation to the continued use of this service.

You are therefore required to make a financial contribution to the use of NP Tracker. We suggest your donation equals the value of the service to you per month.

Follow the link at the bottom of this post - its really easy.

You may also EFT your donations to:

Account name: Number Plate Systems (pty) ltd
ABSA account number: 4098243179
Account type: Business Cheque
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Your Telegram user ID *

* NOTE: You must include your Telegram ID as a reference when doing a payment, to link the payment to your device.

NP Tracker is a donation-based community service to aid thousands of crime-fighting citizens to be safe and informed.

Add the scanner BOT to groups:

Telegram @freeMIRRORBOT
Whatsapp 0606088166.

The delay will be removed -for 30 days- if a user donates to the system see the message posted by our Telegram BOT when doing a vehicle lookup on how to make a donation.
If you cannot contribute but still use the NP Tracker system to fight crime in your community please contact the developer at @NPTrackerADMIN to surgest ways you can contribute and help the system, if approved the delay will be removed from your lookup reports.