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🌐 Introducing our Stock Theft Platform: Safeguarding Livelihoods Together

Example of data that is extracted from the system

At and, we're thrilled to present our innovative reporting platform aimed at empowering the farming community in their fight against stock theft-related crimes.

The Backstory: A History of Community Collaboration

Our journey began with the creation of NP Tracker, a Vehicle Registration Number lookup service serving South Africa and neighbouring countries. Recognizing the limitations of closed data sources like the SAPS MCD system, which were inaccessible to the general public combating grassroots crime, we pioneered a national database for suspect and suspicious vehicles.

Communities played a pivotal role in populating the lookout database by reporting observations of vehicles deemed suspicious. However, these communities operated independently, resulting in siloed information sharing. Recognizing the need for a formalized procedure, NP Tracker was born. It enabled communities to securely share information on suspect behaviour while maintaining a nationwide history of reports against vehicles.

Extending Success to Combat Stock Theft

Fast forward to our latest endeavour - the Stock Theft Platform. By establishing a central database of stock theft incidents accessible to the public, we aim to provide a tool that links animal markings to owners. This collective effort allows communities to curtail the free reign criminals currently have with stolen animals.

The platform enables individuals to easily look up animal markings and determine if any stock thefts have been reported against them. This transparency fosters a united front against stock theft, empowering communities to take informed action.

Our Vision: Uniting Communities Against Crime

Just as NP Tracker has been successful in sharing intelligence between communities, we anticipate the Stock Theft Platform to be equally triumphant in combatting stock thefts. Our motto, "we are no superheroes... but they use us to be," encapsulates our commitment to empowering communities with the tools they need to safeguard their livelihoods.

Join us in this collective effort to create safer and more secure communities. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against stock theft!