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NPS stands for Number Plate Systems (Pty) ltd and is a registered South Africa company providing state-of-the-art technology to clients.

Registered business name Number Plate Systems (pty) ltd.
Company registration number 2017/205980/07
t/a NPS
NP Tracker
RSA Parking*

* see Partnership

Registered domains**
* see Partnership


email [email protected]
Phone +27 (0)83 564 6366

Company history

NPS is a social media innovative company focused to provide crime-fighting and prevention toolsets at the community level.
The company was created out of a need to protect and share vehicle lookout data between users. We created a national network consisting of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, and Telegram to name a few and build apps (bots) users can interact with to get vehicle lookout reports from our NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle database.
With our motto being – “We are no super hero’s – BUT they use us to be” – We provide a nationwide public accessible dataset of suspect and vehicle of interests called NP Tracker.
We saw a void in the market and offered our expertise -to create bots on social media platforms- to our clients.
Established date: 1 June 2014 the project started with the first BOT launched for NP Tracker, the company was later registered and from then operated as Number Plate Systems (Pty)Ltd but the name NP Tracker stuck.

Expansion, and growth

The original project (NP Tracker) was started to aid our local CPF but soon expanded to our Metro, Province, Nationwide and ended up with us monitoring and indexing all SADC country lookouts for vehicles of interest through our flagship NP Tracker project.

Description of services

We offer a COTS solution for Suspect vehicle management (lookup/lookouts) and Visitor management but provide API level access to third party integrators into our system.
We do system analysis and design - contact us for a custom solution based on your needs.

Product descriptions

NP Tracker - Suspect and suspicious vehicle database project.
NPSCloud – Cloud-based services for visitor management.
Scanners Apps – Scanner apps capable of scanning and decoding Vehicle Licence Disk and Driver Licence Barcodes.
freeMIRROR/SocialPrints – Social media toolset for community group management.
NPS-Technologies – Design and development services, System, Application and electronic design.
FaceVault – Biometric datasets of messages related to people.
RSA Parking – Parking management toolsets.


Self-funded and build-up the largest crowd-sourced vehicle lookout system in South Africa.
We have over 30 years of programming experience in multiple languages.
Electronic military system/component design experience.
App development.
Social media bots development for client interfacing.

Achievements (May 2019)

We believe in Word Of Mouth marketing and believe actions (recoveries of vehicles) speak louder than words with organic growth of 250% month on month (December 2018 to May 2019) across all platform users.
137 active customers on our service offerings. 3507 users on our NPS-CLOUD offering. 4546 Whatsapp/Telegram groups managed through our social media bots. 88223 users serviced through our social media bots. 20k+ messages handled per day on all our monitored platforms. 100k+ downloaded scanner apps scanning and testing vehicles daily.


Servers & hosting 100% funded in-house NO ACCESS TO INFORMATION TO ANY PARTNER/COMPANY.

  • 12 servers located in the USA (closest to the Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram servers) in Dallas, Los Angeles & New York.
  • Database clustered between major servers (7) real-time data sharing on all if one should go offline.
  • Redundancy, each server has a spare server setup and ready to deploy if needed.
  • Servers are DDoS protected at data centres.
  • Data security is covered through our data centre legal statements.
  • Server backup every 24 hours with database backups every 4 hours stored on 2 different service provider resources.

B-BBEE status

We currently have a Level 4 B-BBEE level accreditation certificate can be downloaded here.

Core team details

Team leader: Eduard Stander
Lead system architect, programmer, and electronic designer.

Client portfolio

  • Crime-fighting community.
  • Security estates and access control applications.
  • Group management – social media.
  • Social media monitoring clients - brand awareness.