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Motor Vehicle Decoding Page

Motor Vehicle Decoding Page will assist users in understanding the format and content of the report provided by NPS.
Please ensure that your scanner app is linked to your NPS-CLOUD account.

Supported apps

Decoded info

The Motor vehicle PDF-417 barcode are decoded and compared with info on the NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle database and third-party sources it is then displayed to the user/operator.


This is the motor vehicle registration number and should correspond with the plate(s) fitted to the vehicle.

Date on disk

This is the expiry date for the license disk. It will show an Alert if the license disk has expired else it will show a green check mark.

NP Tracker Status

This is the status of an NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle check done on the vehicles number plate. It and will show an Alert if there is an NP Tracker lookout report linked to the plate or it will show a green check mark indicating that there is currently no lookout reports linked to the vehicle.

Disk integrity check

The status of the propriety NPS licence disk checking algorithm that was done on the vehicle. An alert indicated that there may be an error on the disk.

Third party status

We use previous vehicle scans and third-party sources to get info related to the current vehicles VIN and display it to the operator for advanced vehicle checking.

Vehicle image

We decode and show a similar vehicle based on the Vehicle VIN as provided on the barcode.
Please note that this is NOT the image of the scanned vehicle as the colour may be different.


Shows the vehicles VIN - for advanced vehicle checking - and the manufacturer.


Shows the scanned vehicle manufacturer name and the one we have on record for the specific VIN.


Shows the scanned vehicle model and the one we have on record for the specific VIN.


This is the eNatis vehicle class for the scanned vehicle.


We will display the year for the vehicle if available.
Please note that not all manufacturers adhere to the 10th character year identifier as specified in the ISO standard causing errors for this field.


Showing the decoded colour of the vehicle this is the colour registered in eNatis for the specific vehicle.


The engine number - for advanced vehicle checking.