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Drivers License Decoding Page

RSA Drivers License Decoding Page will assist users in understanding the format and content of the report provided by NPS.

Supported apps

Decoded info

The South African Drivers License PDF-417 barcode are decoded and if Consent is given info are saved on the users NPS-CLOUD account.
Please ensure that your scanner app is linked to your NPS-CLOUD account.

Driver Photo

The driver's passport type photo that is encrypted in the barcode.

Initials & Surname

Initial and surname of the driver.

ID Number

Identity number of the driver.


The age of the driver.

Vehicle Restriction

List any restrictions on vehicle type the driver may have.

Driver Restriction

List any driving restrictions the driver may have.

License Type

List the vehicle types the driver may drive.
List the PrDP (Professional Driving Permit) type and expiry if the driver has one.


Show the expiry date of the driver's license card.

Third party status

Show third party info - if enabled on your account