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Our NP Tracker lookup BOT on Telegram is available free of charge to the crime-fighting community in South Africa and bordering countries.

To assist our development team in providing state-of-the-art software to communities, predominantly free, please consider donating to the project to keep it alive and funded.

NP Tracker on Telegram


Telegram @NPTrackerBOT

Enquire plates

  • Find the bot @NPTrackerBOT (Go to Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with the BOT)
  • Send the vehicle registration to check as:
    • Send the registration as a text message
    • Send an image containing the registration, and the BOT will perform an ANPR and test it
    • Send an image of the Vehicle License disk barcode, and the BOT will decode and test it
    • By using a question mark (?) within the search criteria, you can indicate to the system that you will accept any individual character in the place of the question mark.


The bot will test the vehicle registration number against:

  • The national suspect and suspicious NP Tracker database
  • The NPS-VCR vehicle database (providing make, model, and colour info)
  • The NPS-LAW sought vehicle list (optional and available after user vetting - send /auth to the bot and follow instructions - send a photo of the vehicle license disk or number plate)
  • Linked NPS-CLOUD accounts private hotlists

The bot will display a Vehicle Lookout report if the plate is registered in the system. Alternatively, if more than 3 users have inquired about the plate previously, you will be notified.



Guide the user through adding a new vehicle lookout report. Note: Ensure the lookout report is as complete as possible to enable informed decisions.


Vet the user and enable NPS-LAW reports.


Display available commands for advanced help related to a command. Send "/help command" for specific command-related help.


Manage users' captured lookouts from the NP Tracker project or opt-out of the project.


Opt-in or opt-out of receiving messages related to the NP Tracker system operation, info-bits, enhancements, beta release notes, etc.


Communication test command; the bot will reply with pong upon receiving this command.


Usage /removeplate ABC123GP - it will remove the lookout report for the specific vehicle registration number if the report was sent on the specific group the command was sent on or if the user who sent the lookout report sends the command to the bot.


Manual request to verify data on an NPS-VCR report if suspecting that the information is incorrect.


To inquire about an SADC vehicle registration number, send "/testplate ABC123GP".


Inquire about a vehicle VIN number, decode it, and display registration, make, model, color, and image if available.



Add vehicle details securely in the NPS-VAULT to retrieve from any Telegram device when needed or receive a notification when a disk will expire.