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Many crime-fighting groups operate on WhatsApp, to share lookouts related to vehicles with the NP Tracker project we provide two options to ANY user.

Telegram (Option 1)

We created a Telegram BOT that will read WhatsApp chat exports and import it into your freeMIRROR control page and scan plus add vehicle lookouts mentioned on the chats.

Find BOT

  • Find the bot @NPS_WhatsappChatLoaderBOT (Goto Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)

Export Chat

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the group you need to export
  • Now, tap the triple ... and you will get the menu select the More option
  • Select Export chat
  • Send chat via option will open select Telegram
  • Select to share the WhatsApp chat export to the @NPS_WhatsappChatLoaderBOT on Telegram

Android app (Option 2)

We created an Android app you can load on your phone that will send messages to your freemirror control page and scan it for vehicle lookouts.
For more info see FreeMIRROR Android App