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Our business model at Number Plate Systems is based on usage and not a fee or a licence per device.
Why should one pay for something if you do not use it, or why should you pay the same as someone that is using it more than you.
You only pay for what you use with our pay-as-you-go packages, use our cost estimator to determine and pick the package that will suit your requirements and let us grow together.
Each user when registering on NPS-CLOUD gets 150 free credits to use testing and interfacing on the system.
Each action gets allocated a token cost iaw credits that will be subtracted from your available credits.

NPS token/credit prices - Effective 1st June 2014

(yes we still use the same prices)

Credit Cost Cost per Credit
50 Free Free
300 R10.00 3.33c
900 R35.00 4.00c
1500 R60.00 4.00c
3000 R150.00 5.00c
6000 R300.00 5.00c
9000 R450.00 5.00c
30000 R580.00 1.93c
60000 R1070.00 1.78c
100000 R1650.00 1.65c
150000 R2100.00 1.40c
300000 R3850.00 1.28c
600000 R6950.00 1.16c
1000000 R9500.00 0.95c

How to purchase token packages

We use Payfast as our payment gateway service provider.

  • Use our cost estimator to determine the required package for your needs.
  • Login to your NPS-CLOUD account
  • On your NPS-CLOUD menu goto Accounts then Settings
  • Select the package and click on Buy Now
  • An Pro-forma invoice will be shown click on the top on the Payfast or pay now button to be directed to Payfast for payment.