Testing NPS-ANPR

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Add test plate to Private Hotlist

NPS-CLOUD Add plate manually

  • Login to your NPS-CLOUD account
  • Goto Hotlist
  • Click on Incidents
  • Click on the Add button - A new window will open
    • Add a test plate that will be used during the initial setup and testing
    • Add some text as a lookout for this test plate ie. Test on local hotlist
    • Ensure Private is set to No - this will ensure your test plate are not added to the NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle database
    • Finish up by clicking Add Record

Add user to recieve Notifications

NPS-CLOUD Notification setup

  • Login to your NPS-CLOUD account
  • Goto Notification menu
  • Click on Group/User Management
  • Copy the Authentication string from your page NPS-CLOUD AUTH Key....
    • On your phone/desktop go to Telegram
    • Search for the @NPSCLOUDBOT
    • Paste the complete Authorisation string copied above to this BOT in Telegram
  • Refresh your page to show the user that just requested to be notified on active lookouts
  • Select the user to be approved on the system
  • Click on Edit and then set the Users Status to Approve finish by clicking Save Changes

The user will receive a notification in Telegram when a vehicles numberplate that is listed in the Private Hotlist and or NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle database gets tested via NPS-ANPR.

Install NPS-ANPR

Put the NPS-ANPR on a stable test fixture out of direct sunlight on the camera.
Power up the NPS-ANPR and wait for the unit to boot up - this usually takes 20-30 seconds.

Test installation

Move test vehicle numberplate in the view of the NPS-ANPR you should receive a notification via Telegram.


Whoop whoop all is done you will now get notifications when a suspect vehicle listed on the NP Tracker database and or Private hotlist gets detected by your NPS-ANPR.