Programming the SD Card

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Download the image

Download the ANPR-Software bundle to your local hard disk. 'Note: the Raspberry Pi OS image (aka NPS-ANPR) contained in the ZIP archive is over 5GB in size and uses the tar.gz format. To uncompress the archive, a unzip tool that supports tar.gz is required.

Download the SD burning software

Download the SD burning software for your operating system.

Writing the image

Windows/Mac/Linux: While it’s gotten easier over the years to make a Raspberry Pi SD card, it’s still a little confusing for people new to the idea of burning images. Etcher is a cross-platform tool that simplifies the process dramatically.
Just download the version of Etcher for your operating system, launch it, pick the IMG file you want to burn, select your SD card, and wait. It’s stupid easy, and ensures you won’t accidentally wipe your local hard drive instead of your SD card.

Insert SD Card into Raspberry Pi

Insert the SD card you’ve set up with NPS-ANPR into the microSD card slot on the underside of your Raspberry Pi.