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Datasheet130 NP Tracker on Whatsapp

We have two BOTs running on WhatsApp our users can use the main lookupBOT and a group scanner BOT called scanBOT.

WhatsApp (lookupBOT)

This bot utilizes the Whatsapp Business API and needs support and donations to keep it online please contact us at [email protected] if you can sponsor this bot to be used by the community. It is also our first subscription-based bot due to the high operating cost associated with WhatsApp at R49pm we do however provide the first 5 lookups done by users for free to test the system, thereafter you can do payment through our payment gateway provider PayFast.

Enquire plates

  • Find the bot 082 382 5472 (Goto Contacts and add the number as a contact)
  • Send the vehicle registration to check as a plain text message to the bot.
  • Send a photo of the vehicles Licence disk barcode and it will decode and test the vehicle's registration.


The bot will test the vehicle registration number against:

  • The national suspect and suspicious NP Tracker database
  • The NPS-VCR vehicle database (providing make, model and colour info)
  • The NPS-LAW sought vehicle list (If a photo of the vehicle licence disk OR numberplate is submitted)

and show a Vehicle Lookout report if the plate is registered in the system.



Bot will display commands available through the bot.


Manage user's lookouts captured by the NP Tracker project and or opt-out of the NP Tracker project.


This is a communication test command the bot will reply with a pong if it receives this command.

WhatsApp (scanBOT)

We have a scanBOT 060 608 8166 OR 064 871 5228 users can add to their community Whatsapp groups this BOT will scan and add all messages containing vehicle registration numbers to the NP Tracker suspect vehicle database as lookouts.