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End of life - March 2019

End of life due to IEC website changes (captcha changes) Please contact us at [email protected] if you have a new idea for this bot.

We created the SA Voter registration checker BOT on Telegram to aid users in firstly checking IEC registration details but also their voting station and location


Enquire Voter details

  • Find the bot @VoterRegistrationBOT (Goto Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)
  • Send command /check to the bot
  • The bot will ask for the following to complete the request:
    • Mobile number
    • Current location (to determine your current ward ID)
    • SA Identification number


The bot will enquire your status on IEC and return the results, it will return the voting station details.