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National Traffic notifications/alert group poster

  • Find the bot @TrafficAlertBOT (Goto Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)
  • Place the BOT on a Telegram group you need the notifications to be sent on.
  • Send command /setup on the group the BOT will guide you to set-up the notification system on that group.


The bot will post national traffic notifications to the group.



Bot will display commands available through the bot for advanced help related to a command send /help command


This is a communication test command the bot will reply with a pong if it recieves this command.


The bot will guide you to set-up traffic notifications on a group.


Shows a list of notification rules for the group the bot are on, a user can delete each rule induvidually through this command.