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Our Telegram BOT used for forwarding messages received from users to a WhatsApp number to a Telegram group.
Each user on the Telegram group will then be able to reply to the original sender on WhatsApp through the bot.
Contact us at [email protected] for a demo and pricing.



  • Find the bot @NPS_WhatsappForwardBOT (Goto Contacts and search for it)
  • Tap to open (Click on START if required to initialize comms with BOT)



Contact us at [email protected] for a demo and pricing.

How it works

  • Users on WhatsApp sends text messages to a specific WhatsApp number (own or one we provide)
  • Our system reads these messages and forward it to a Telegram group where you can add your staff allocated to answer the user's requests
  • The staff answer the users request on the Telegram group and it's send back through WhatsApp to the user.

WhatsApp only allows one application user and one web user to communicate to your users we now made a system where you can have multiple staff answering users request in real-time.